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Eben Schaefer ~ Hubbards Guide Academy ~ Emigrant Montana

I am writing this letter to recommend Brent Critchfield as a fly fishing guide.  Brent completed our guide training course in exemplary fashion. He met all of our requirements for people skills, fishing, boat skills, knots, etc.   A very good all around fisherman with good teaching abilities. Brent has energy and enthusiasm, knows how to take care of people and make them happy, and can catch fish.  

Brent makes an excellent guide.  Our Orvis endorsed guide course in Emigrant, MT is nine days long, and we cover drift boat skills, casting, entomology, fishing techniques, client handling, ethics, business trips, and much more.  If you would like more details on exactly what we taught Brent or how he performed in any specific area with his class of 2006, please contact us.  Brent was great to fish with and was a real asset to our class, and I would highly recommend him to any prospective employer.  

Joe ~ Kansas City, Mo (Yellowstone Trip)

I wanted to voice my appreciation for the service of our Yellowstone fly fishing guide on 19 July.  Not only did Brent show amazing patience teaching us the fundamentals of the sport but also taught us about Yellowstone along the way.   That having been said what I appreciate the most was his cool head when my 9 year old son slipped and was caught up in the current pulling him downstream.   Brent heroically ran down the bank jumping into the water to save Brady.  The look of fear in my son's eyes changed to relief as he grabbed him and I am certain mine did as well.  Though Brent hurt his leg in the rescue I never heard even a hint of a cross word or negativity (the most amazing part - totally cool and composed)  Thanks for the memories!  Joe

Doug Conway ~ Journalist ~ Australia

"Doug Conway is a great guy (bloke) and fabulous writer that I met awhile back driving snow cats for Keystone Ski Resort.  He is a great journalist and very well liked in Australia. This was a little piece he wrote in his column about me back on his visit that if nothing else is good to read just for his writing."  Brent Critchfield   

Travis ~ Lee's Summit, MO (White River Trip)
I wanted to take this time to thank you again for a great fishing trip! Brent it was great to have you guide us down the White river for the first time! It was first class fishing trip. I can't thank you and your professionalism enough, I haven't fly fished for going on 20 years and thanks to your knowledge and time it was one of the best fishing trips I have ever been on. Not just because we caught a bunch of fish but because of the time and effort you put into the trip to make our trip amazing. Thanks for teaching us a thing or too also! I look forward to many more trips down there soon!!  Travis

Lindsey - 12 Years Old - Denver, CO (Dry Run Creek Trip)

Dear Brent, it was very fun fishing with you.  I really enjoyed catching my first trout and I hope that we could do it again!  It was exciting to catch 7 fish that morning and was super amazing to touch the slimy fish.   It was also cool to look at the fish hatchery and feed all those fish.  

Morgan -9 years old - Denver CO (Dry Run Creek Trip)

You are really nice and you helped me learn how to fly fish!  It was really fun being with my sister and you teaching us how to hold the fish.  I will always remember our trip and the little orange float thingies!!!  

Fred ~ Maine (Yellowstone Trip)
What a great trip!  Best part is... I don't think a day has gone by without my wishing I was back there.  That speaks volumes!  Thanks for being such a wonderful guide!  Great fun!!!  Regards, Fred

Susan ~ Springfield, Mo (White River Trip)

I really liked hanging out with you on the river and I'd like to do that some more before there's any chance of my fly casting going straight downhill from how far along you have brought me along.  Thanks for fulfilling my 'River Runs Through It' dream!  Sue

Larry ~ Lee's Summit, Mo (White River Trip)

Steve & I want to thank you for a great time!  It was some quality time together and with a great host.  I plan to share the info with my grandson, Duncan, and hopefully he will be able to come with us in the future. Larry


Elliot ~ New York (Yellowstone Trip)

Just wanted to say thanks Brent for an amazing trip.  Can't wait to bring my buddies back with me if you can handle us?  Elliot

Gene ~ Chicago (Yellowstone Trip)

Thanks for a glorious three days with my family.  I can't think of a trip that was better for the soul than Yellowstone.  Here's to the next time! Gene

Brad ~ Lee's Summit, Mo (White River Trip)

Just wanted to thank you again for the great weekend.  I can't wait to get back down there again.  I had a great time Brent.   Brad

Michael ~ Liberty, Mo (White River Trip)

Thanks again, Brent, for an awesome weekend with 2 of my best buddies!!!  It was perfect...I appreciate you taking such good care of us first of all, the great hospitality, and the expertise fishing instruction!  Always great catching up with you and seeing you in your element my friend.   Mike

Dr. Robert ~ Kansas City, Mo (Yellowstone, Canada and White River Trip)

To my long time fishing buddy and what feels like a son to me.  Thanks for helping an old man like me with the knots and intricacies of such a great sport like fly fishing.   Expect many more trips with me visiting you in Montana and Arkansas.   Bob 

Greg ~ Silverthorne, CO (Canada, Yellowstone and Florida Trip)

I have been fishing for a very long time.  In these years of exploration, I have landed everything from bass to large pike and consider myself an avid angler.  When I first booked a trip with you in Yellowstone, I thought I would be just fine hunting after some trout with a fly rod and boy was I mistaken.  Honestly, I have never had a more challenging time trying to pick up the cast and get the darn flies out past my shadow. With that said, I am now humbled with my abilities and it is because of your help and guidance that I can honestly say I have found a new passion and love for fly fishing.  Thank you for getting me out of all of the knots and for being patient with me as I lost all of your flies!   I recommend you to all of my friends that are looking for a fun time with a knowledgeable guide no matter where you take them.  It has now been three separate trips in various destinations that I have gone with you on and I look forward to our next Brent!