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Florida is one of those places that never grows old.  Introducing others to our secret destinations in Florida has and will probably always be one of our favorite things to do just because of the feedback we hear back from those that are willing to try this trip for the first time.  This trip has a 100% satisfaction guarantee stamp on it if you are open to camping along salt water with minimal needs and a hankering for catching wild fish all day long.  This trip is for anyone that enjoys kayaking and camping in a remote destination.  


Your guide and host Brent Critchfield has been fishing in or around Port St. Joe Peninsula every year since 2006. As a man who values his clients opinions, Brent will take just as good a care of you here if you choose to camp as he would if you were being housed in a nice resort which is obviously an option if you prefer to have some of the creature comforts.  Let Brent and Eyes on the Fly share with you an experience of a lifetime in a destination you will surely remember and probably continue to visit for the remainder of your life when you can!