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Boundary Waters

Fishing in the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness was fantastic this last season!  The small mouth put up there exhilarating fight as always and were taking pretty much whatever we threw at them.  Poppers and minnow imitation streamers worked well for most all of the day in blue and white, silver and white, yellow and red and orange and white.  For our customers that chose to spin fish, we had success on Mepps spinners in size #3 and #4 as well as spinner baits, jerk baits and floating Rapalas in similar colors to the streamers previously mentioned.  

The walleye bite was on as well and the best spots we found them in were moving water and deeper banks. Spinning outfits with jigs and live bait worked best at the depths they were holding and a few were still caught stripping streamers. We also caught many trolling out of the kayaks with floating Rapala shad raps in orange and black. The good news is we caught plenty of willards to feed us day and night and in some instances we even had walleye for breakfast with a fantastic new recipe given to us by one of our guests. You know who you are :)


The Northern Pike were just as ferocious as the small mouth even though we didn't have any monsters this year. In previous years, we have had success with one or two catching a wall hanger although they don't ever get as big as the Poplar River System which resides a little further Northwest from International Falls.  Ask us about this trip as well and we can set you up with the right outfitters at one of the seven outpost lodges where Master Angler Northern Pike (41 inch plus) and Master Angler Walleye (27 inch plus) roam! This is the area we grew up fishing each year and we know each outpost well.  As for the Boundary Waters, fishing for pike on a fly rod is a very good time and the tactics we use to catch small mouth work just as well for the pike. If you want to try for a bigger fish, we recommend using a double tandem streamer with sink tip line or a big top water pattern that makes commotion.