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This two day course is designed specifically for beginners who want to learn more about the ins and outs of fly fishing.  Our 6 hour course covers everything you need to know in getting started on the water and catching fish rather than going at it alone and aloof like we all did our first time fly fishing. The fun and informative class has 2 three hour seasons held under the beautiful Rainbow Arch Bridge in Cotter, Arkansas.  The first day of class is spent discussing gear and gadgets including rods, reels and lines followed by a tutorial on tying quick and efficient knots. After the classroom style setting we move to the White River and spend time getting you familiar with various casting and mending techniques on the water.  The second day is spent covering fish behavior, fly hatches and fly patterns.  Following the 2nd day classroom session we again move to the water with individual one on one training with the goal of catching fish!          


Cost:      $100 per person or $165 per couple 

Where:   Big Spring Park ~ Cotter, AR

When:    March, April, May, October and November 


Contact Us here to learn more about the specific dates for our workshops and any additional details you may need.  

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Kids Fly Casting Clinic: One of the most important focuses for Eyes on the Fly is to teach our younger generations the fun you can have fly fishing.  Our Kids Fly Casting Clinics are geared towards not only teaching our kids how to cast a fly rod but implementing what they have learned so that it translates when we put them in the water to catch fish.  Normally the casting clinic lasts around 2 hours with the first hour learning how to cast and the 2nd hour actually fishing in Dry Run Creek where the child has the chance to catch some really nice trout.    


Cost:    $45 per child.  Ages 4-16

Where: Norfork National Fish Hatchery below Norfork Lake Dam

When:  March, April, May, October & November

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Adult Fly Casting Clinic:  This two hour class is designed to give those that are new to the sport or those who wish to sharpen their casting skills, hands on training and techniques that will make them a better caster.  The first hour is spent on dry land casting to targets and working on various fly casting approaches like roll casts, overhead casts and shooting line.  The second hour is spent actually in waders on the water where we learn more about how these casts are supposed to work coupled with how to mend and dead drift your line so that you can catch more fish.  


Cost:    $45 per person:  Any age group is welcome

Where: Big Spring Park in Cotter, Ar

When:  March, April, May, October & November

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Learning to tie a fishing fly and then turning around to use your creation to catch a fish is an exhilarating experience no matter what age you are.  Eyes on the Fly wants to introduce all who would like to learn the art to fly tying and invite you to some of our annual events.  Some of the best fly tiers in the world are associated with Eyes on the Fly and we know how to get you involved with this great art.  Throughout the year we can introduce you to a broad spectrum of fly tying events ranging from kids fly tying lessons and advanced streamer patterns to annual events specifically geared towards renowned fly tiers from across the globe.  See Eyes on the Fly events page for upcoming tying events and come learn from the best tying names in the business like Wapsi, Chad Johnson and Davy Wotton or spend time watching artists like Dave Whitlock and Duane Hada perform another masterpiece on canvas at the same time.   


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Kids Fishing Derby:  This free Arkansas event is welcome to any children under the age of 16 and is typically held in June each year.  This all day event is held just below Norfork Lake dam on the Norfork River and Dry Run Creek.  This fabulous event includes a trout fishing contest for 3 specific age groups, lunch, drinks and a big prize giveaways.  To learn more about this event and register your child, visit the Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery!  

Cost:    Free:  Kids under the age of 16 

Where: Norfork River and Dry Run Creek, Mountain Home, AR

When:  Every June 


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Kids Hatchery Outdoor Adventure: Another great event for children is the Hatchery Outdoor Adventure held at the Norfork National Fish Hatchery in Salesville, AR.  This event is put on each year by the Friends  of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery and is open and free to any children under the age of 16.  Come bring your children and teach them fun activities that pertain to the outdoors.  Your children will have the following opportunities to take part in activities that include; shooting a bow and arrow, target practice with BB guns, fly fishing, tying flies, Japanese fish art, gardening and fish/fly entomology. To learn more about this event and register your child, visit the Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery! 

Cost:    Free: Kids under the age of 16 

Where: Norfork National Fish Hatchery &  Dry Run Creek, Mountain Home, AR

When:  Every September

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Emigrant, Montana ~ Hubbards Guide School Academy ~ Orvis Endorsed


Hubbards Guide School is one of those special places that if you have a dream to be a guide, this is the place to learn from. Lasting 6 days, the Orvis Endorsed guide school covers everything a potential guide needs to know to be effective including casting, entomology, boat mechanics, guide lessons, safety and client satisfaction.  In order to be the best guide you can be and know how to put your clients on fish in the roughest conditions is something that makes this school stand out.  Located at Hubbards Lodge, the future guides stay in a separate guide facility equipped with all the modern conveniences the resort guests have with one caviet; your sole focus day and night is fish, fish and more fish.  Learn still water behavior and tactics on Merrell Lake, the resorts 85 acre private lake or skip down the mountain and learn your drift boat tactics on the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley.  Usually a couple of days are spent inside Yellowstone National Park too learning how to; read water, mend, teach others and guide safety. This all in one guide school has produced some exceptional guides that are now doing their thing on their waters.  To learn more about this school and our discount through them contact us here


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