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Boundary Waters

Seasonal:  July 1 ~ July 20  "1 Year Advanced Notice Needed"  

Join us for a 5 Night ~ 6 Day camping trip in the remote Canadian Boundary Waters of Minnesota and Canada when we take you and your group through the web of channels and backwaters known as the Boundary Waters.   Now if you have an appetite for bigger fish, more remoteness and a cabin style setting, then we suggest choosing our alternate Manitoba Trip where you and your buddies will fly into their own specific lake and river portage system, fishing away from everyone and everything for the week.  See more about these specific trips and the rates below.


Boundary Waters Trip:  5 Night ~ 6 Day ~$800 per person + travel to starting point + Fishing Licenses

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Bound to kayaks and canoes for the week, we explore  the back country waters of Minnesota and Canada weaving in and out of an intricate system of waterways and unexplored channels chasing small mouth bass, walleye and pike while taking in the beautiful scenery.  This trip is not for you if you are looking for lush lodging, showers and bathrooms:) This trip is for you if you could care less about those things!  Eyes on the Fly will take care of all of your boating, camping, cooking, fishing tackle and guiding needs while on the water so just  bring yourself, a camera, insect repellent and extra clothes/Dry Bags with any additional needs you may have for added comfort.   


This trip starts in Minnesota, works upward into Canada and then back close to our original starting point.  A trip like this is best explored with buddies who all get along and will not ever be broken up between you and other guests you haven't ever met.  We can accommodate up to 6 people on this trip with two people per canoe and your guide/guides closely lurking around in a kayak to help out along the way.  Give us some notice and tell us what you are after and Eyes on the Fly will handle all angles so you just angle.  




Manitoba Excursion:  Rates $1465 per person + Travel to starting point (Winnepeg) + Fishing Licenses (Passports will be needed for this trip)

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Join us for a true wilderness experience for 5 nights and 6 days.  This odyssey begins with our group flying in by sea plane that will land us right on the water at our cabin.  Once there we set up our rods, gas the Lund boats, prepare our game plan and start tackling the fish.  The cabins are right on the water and can sleep up to 6 people and offer bathrooms, showers, full kitchens and bunk bed style sleeping arrangements.  


As for the waters we choose to fish, we have multiple options that await us not just once we are there but before we even leave.  We can choose from 4 lodges and outposts tucked deep into the Canadian forest and all have equally good fishing.  Mostly every choice offers portage lakes, moving water inlets and outlets, extra boats and tons of shoreline to explore for true monsters.  Each day we prepare a shore lunch for you with freshly caught walleye.  In fact by the time we leave you'll be so oiled up that you be burping walleye burps for a week but that just adds to the overall experience.  If you would like to explore these destinations a little more on a map take a look at the Poplar River System just Northeast of Winnepeg Lake or just click to the right to see it up close now.