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Home to world record German Brown Trout, Arkansas produces a place where one could live a solid life of fishing

which is why Eyes on the Fly calls it home!   Located in North Central Arkansas, Eyes on the Fly is tucked

deep into the Ozark Mountains with pristine cold trout water strewn all around us.  If a change of pace is needed

from fighting trout all day, there's small mouth, striped bass, walleye, large mouth, crappie and catfish loaded in

all the warm watershed lakes and rivers a mere 10 minutes away in any direction.   Let's cover cold waters first....



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Dry Run Creek rests next to the Norfork National Fish Hatchery in Norfork, Ar just below the Norfork Lake

Dam.  It is quickly becoming one of the best fly fishing streams in Amercia for young anglers learning how to

fish.  Built for angling and fish management use in 2010, Dry Run Creek offers a child under the age of 16

or a person whom is confined to a wheelchair (all ages) a place to go and fish for monstrous trout.   Dry Run

Creek has walkways and numerous platforms that put you right in the action.  The stream is filled with small 

waterfalls, deep runs and beautiful foam lined riffles all creating exceptional holding spots for the fish.  Be

sure to bring your camera as the action is fast and furious and sure to bring out the smiles in all of us.   

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Short but oh so sweet!  This gem of a river is only a 5 mile float but its packed with quality fish, some of which

have been studied, weighed and measured to be true world records if ever caught.  Located just under the 

Norfork Lake Dam and right next to the Norfork National Fish Hatchery, Norfork River is teaming with Brown,

Rainbow, Cutthroat and even Brook Trout.  The cold and nutrient rich water is the perfect place to hunt for big

fish and plenty of stockers.  Each year the hatchery contribute some 2.1 Million trout into Arkansas waterways.


The Norfork can be floated via drift boat and is a good river to float twice in a day or once as a half day option

when water levels are right.  The river is also very good for wade fishing in low water with plenty of places to

access including the Norfork Lake Dam where Dry Run Creek flows in.  The Norfork Hatchery stocks 2.1 Million

trout each year in both the White and Norfork Rivers so plenty of fish are available for us to get after!       



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The White River is renowned for its beauty and World Record Trout.  The river is 79 miles of bluffs and rolling

hills as it flows south from Bull Shoals Lake Dam built in the early 1950's.  The upper 40 miles are hallowed

ground for Rainbow, Brook, Brown and Cutthroat Trout while the lower 39 miles belong to the warmer water

fish like Catfish, Perch, Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass.  


The White River is our bread and butter go to river of choice when the water releases are ideal, usually at 0-5

units of generation.  When the water is low, we stalk the fish by stopping our drift boat for in the water fun,

wading and stealthily learning the true art of fly fishing, mends and all.  When the river levels are high, our

approach changes but the excitement level stays the same as we use a variety of unique and secret techniques

that are sure to appeal to your senses and more importantly catch fish.  The White River is one of our overnight

camping rivers as well, allowing the opportunity to take in beautiful outdoors overnight while trying your hand at

some midnight fishing.   Don’t be fooled, this is one of the top ways to catch a world record fish so pack your

head lamp.  When you’re walking in two feet of water lit only by moonlight throwing HUGE patterns and listening

to the swirls around your imitators radius, you’ll understand!   Many fish are caught in the 10 plus pound range

even in fair conditions with the possibility of a 20 lb trout if conditions are ideal.  See All White River Fishing Trip




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One of the prettiest waterways you will likely ever see and America's 1st National Scenic River awaits you in 

Arkansas's Buffalo River.  Stretching 124 miles long and running through most of Central Arkansas from West

to East, the Buffalo River is a bass fisherman and paddlers dream come true.  With class I to Class III water

in its upper section, the mighty Buffalo has deep pools, pockets and runs throughout its stretch, all suitable for

any type of fishing whether wet wading or fishing by boat.  


The Buffalo River is a non guided river unless you have an outfitter license as it is considered a National Park 

and available for recreational use including kayaking, canoeing and river boats.  Eyes on the Fly has you covered

if you are looking for a guided overnight trip for you and your party and can get you dialed in with a game plan.  

We can arrange for a guide trip with a licensed outfitter if you would like to break from the trout for the day!   



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This is a hidden gem for small mouth bass fishing and within the local community, the end all be all place to go

for large rod breaking bronze backs.  Crooked Creek is roughly 25 miles long and empties into the White River.  

The stream in ideal conditions makes it a perfect stream to float and have a fun day with or without a fly rod. 


Usually the spring and throughout summer, pending on rain and water levels, Eyes on the Fly will run guided canoe

and kayak trips that can be broken into full day trips or overnight camping trips pending upon your parties wishes.   



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Spanning 45,440 acres, Bull Shoals Lake has held such prestigious tournaments as the Bassmaster

Classic and countless other big time fishing events including even walleye circuits.  If fishing for 

large small mouth bass, big largemouth bass, impressive wall hanging walleye, pan size crappie and

yard long catfish all from a boat is more up your alley, then Bull Shoals Lake is the lake to play on.


Eyes on the Fly has partnerships with the right Bull Shoals Lake fishing guides and we can

strategically align you with the right guide based upon your prefence of fish that you are wanting

to target.    



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Norfork Lake spans 22,000 acres and also holds many professional and amateur 

fishing tournaments each year.  The prominent fish targeted on this lake is 

typically striped bass because of the enormous size that they can reach in this

particular lake.  Largemouth and smallmouth bass as well as walleye can be

caught in these waters too.  


Eyes n the Fly has partnerships with the right Norfork Lake fishing guides and boat 

services so we can strategically align you with the right guide based upon the fish

you are wanting to target.