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Boundary Waters

O Canada!  Our home and native land!  Oh how we wish the start of the Canadian National Anthem were true, if only it were our native land.  It seems, each year, the trips we take with our guests to Canada just keep getting better and better.  Whether that be the fish we catch to the memories we shared to the lunches we had and the things we saw along the way, it always gets better.  Each time we come home from these destination trips, it gets more depressing and I am sure a lot of our Canada trip guests know what we mean.  


Eyes on the Fly can offer guided Canadian Boundary Water trips in July for up to 6 guests.  Each trip offers the availability to catch northern pike, walleye and small mouth bass until your heart is content while you live out in one of the most primitive and secluded back country locations in America with you and your pals.  Whether you and your party want to stay in plush accommodations or rough it in the wilderness, Eyes on the Fly will help set up your canoe or kayak adventure.  Utilizing a series of intertwined networks of water, your trip can start in one place and end back at the same destination or take a different path that takes us further into the web of untouched passage ways until we reach our vehicles that have been shuttled for us.   


Aside from the fantastic fishing and remarkable scenery, the Canadian Boundary Water Excursion is a once of a lifetime experience sure to put big smiles on each of our guests face while creating memories that will forever be cherished.