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The Sunshine State of Florida is the perfect place to spend a week when the weather back home or out west is too cold for a good time.  Florida makes it easy to enjoy the sun and still getaway from it all while enjoying fantastic fishing.  Eyes on the Fly runs trips to Florida in April and then again in September and can accommodate all of your needs.   We have two locations that we cover during these times, one for bass fishing and one for nothing but salt water.   Both trips provide an exciting and scenic atmosphere with great fishing and fun things to do and see along the way. 



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If you are looking for an ocean environment, you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place to lounge around in the United States then Port St. Joe Peninsula. Located just south of Panama City on the Gulf of Mexico side of the state, Port St. Joe offers outstanding fishing, beautiful panoramic views and one of the best State Parks in the Nation when it comes to off the grid kayaking and exploration.   The last 7 miles of the peninsula is a state park that offers both full hook up camping and primitive camping as well as boat ramps, cabin rentals and excellent beaches to spend the day with your party.   


The protected bay is the best chance to catch fish until your hearts content if you like calmer water and explosive top water action or choose the Ocean side of the peninsula for surf fishing at its finest.  With Spanish Mackerel, Sea Trout, Reds and Pompano being dominant in the area, and even Tarpon at certain times of the year, its hard to beat this trip if you like to saltwater fish with a fly rod or a bait caster.   


During late fall, usually around September, you and your guests can take part in a Port St. Joe tradition that brings hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life who come there to snorkel and dive for tasty sea scallops, always a tasty treat with a fish fry.   With sea kayaks being our predominant means of transportation on the water, we are able to maneuver in low tide and high and usually where the fish still group together but other boats can't reach.  Whether your choice of lodging is a quiet hotel, a nice cabin along the bay, a busy campground or our favorite; a primitive campground only accessible via boat, Eyes on the Fly can help make this a great trip for you.  Please ask us about the best places to stay and eat or other things to do around the area if you decide to book this trip and we will steer you in the right direction.





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Wewa Lake is one of those lakes that belong in a Stephen King novel with sunken cypress trees and old mans beard hanging from the limbs of thousands of trees that sprout out of the water like a fictional fairy tale.  Known as the dead lakes because of people that have gone out into its labyrinth for the day only to never come back home due to being lost in the maze that only a waterway like Wewa produces.  Eyes on the Fly is aligned with guides that have grown up on this lake and ones that know the lake well so they are geared to take care of all your on the water needs.   


Kept as a fresh water secret for Largemouth Bass within the local community, Wewa Lake has all the pristine beauty and spectacular fishing you would want in a bass fishing lake while also holding an eerie yet magical ambiance within its shoreline and surrounding area.  Covered with back sloughs, coves and sunken trees, this is a lake best fished by boat but beware of the Gators!  Excited yet?